Analysis Reports

Response to Consultation Paper on Charities II

24/ 08/ 2011

- Suggestion 1: To make financial statements submitted by charities to Inland Revenue Department publicly accessible

- Suggestion 2: To set a standardized form similar to Form 990 of Inland Revenue Department in the U.S. so that the public can understand the figures

- Suggestion 3: To amend ordinance of large charities with long history and require charities to make financial status available to the public

Response to Consultation Paper on Charities I

28/ 07/ 2011

- In 2009, interviewees said (1) Reputation and (2) Transparency of charities were important factors while making donation decisions.

- In 2010, more than 80% of interviewees thought charities in Hong Kong had low transparency.

Donation Trend in Past 5 Years

13/ 06/ 2011

- Hongkongnist are kind people. Total amount of tax exempted donation increases every year.

- Donation did NOT decrease after SARS in 2003 and financial tsunami in 2008.

- Corporations contributed to the community after making profits. CAGR of donation with profit tax exemption was 18.8% for FY2004 to FY2009.

- CAGR of public donation with salary tax exemption was 11.6% for FY2004 to FY2009.