Q1: How does iDonate select charities for rating?

A1: iDonate provides information and ratings on local charitable organizations which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Q2: Will iDonate rate international charitable organizations?

A2: Hong Kong branches of international charitable organizations are mainly for fundraising. There may not be full details about project expenses, and we have found it difficult to verify local administrative and staff costs. Therefore, they are not on our priority list of ratings.

Q3: Will iDonate rate charities which mainly serve beneficiaries in other countries?

A3: Charities that serve beneficiaries overseas usually donate or transfer funds to charities or institutions outside Hong Kong. Since iDonate may not be able to obtain information on companies or charities registered overseas for further verification of the usage of donations or project expenses etc., we may not be able to give an accurate and objective assessment. Charities serving beneficiaries overseas are therefore not on our priority list of ratings.